Using the Website


The search boxes on the top left and right both do a NEW search in ALL pictures. You can search by Latest Upload / Relevance / or Exact Search by using the drop down beside the top right search box. The search box on the left under the Refine Your Results will filter your existing search when you click AND ( OR , NOT via the dropdown). You can also Refine by Orientation or Colorspace (please note that some b/w images have been scanned as RGB and will only appear in an RGB search). Click update to activate the refinement. Refine by any number of collections by using the checkboxes. Click update at the bottom of the list to activate the refinement. All your search refinements will stack as a list. You can remove any refinement stack simply by clicking the x before the refinement, the results automatically update.


You need to have download permissions; if you do not have download access and require permission please contact us: To download a single image in your browser simple click on the icon under a thumbnail or in preview. To download a single image via email simple click on the icon under a thumbnail or in preview. You can send the high res file to any email address. To download multiple images by zip you need to add them to a lightbox first then use the download lightbox icon (this will also email you a link - please note for security download links are only active once.) Please note: If encounter a lengthy delay please check your junk folder and make sure that we are white-listed as a safe sender.

Create a new lightbox

Hit the + icon in the lightbox bar at the bottom

Add images to a lightbox

Clicking the icon under a thumbnail or in preview will add the image to your active lightbox. Alternatively you can drag and drop thumbnails into the lightbox bar to add images to your active lightbox.

Change my password

Click on Preferences in the side bar and click on the password tab. We advise that you create a secure password including a combination of upper and lowercase letters with numbers. You can also update your name / company / email from Preferences.

Closing preview

You can close a preview box by clicking on the preview image.


You can browse your search and download history from the History link on the sidebar. You can also rerun previous searches and downloads with a click.

Share lightbox

You can share your active lightbox with another registered user of TopFoto by clicking the icon in the lightbox bar. You need to know the email address of the person you are sharing to, the system will tell you if the email is not registered on TopFoto. Note: the recipient will receive a COPY of your lightbox in their lightbox list to add and delete but you will not see changes they do and they will not see any changes you do after you have shared.

Magnet to lightbox

For searches that result in less than 100 hits you can add the entire result to your active lightbox by clicking the magnet icon in the lightbox bar.

Maximising your view

You can hide the sidebar to increase the grid by clicking the tab. You can re-open the sidebar by clicking . You can also view your lightbox in half or full screen by clicking the icons in the lightbox bar.